How to level up you home style game with scented candles

Candles have taken ownership over the world, establishing themselves as luxury items. Fragrance connoisseurs and candle lovers will often have them as part of their home decor and with a very good reason. They are multipurposable items that not only add a touch of luxury and style to any home, but they can refresh the air even without burning!


Any candle that looks good is more appealing to the eye and will most likely be a reason to be picked up and smelled. Not only they will look fabulous in your home, but your guests will most likely be impressed. Add some candles to your coffee table, along with some fashion or home decor books and the room is already changed. Add some fresh flowers and voila! Choose the jar color according to your home style and color. For a luxurious touch, colors like rose gold, white or gold are recommended.


Cold throw is the scent release that comes from a candle that is not burning. So the fragrance mixed with a highly potent wax will be able to release a reasonable amount of scent without the need of a flame. This is excellent for homes that need refreshing without having to keep an eye on the flame. For example, you can take the lid off your candle and every time you’d pass by, you could feel the lovely scent. Our candles are made to optimize both cold and hot throw, something noticed by most of our clients!


Either you choose floral over fruity, oriental over fresh, an authentic scent is hard to come by. By authentic, we mean replicating the real thing as close as possible, eliminating the risk of resembling artificial fragrances. Take for example our festive candle, „Merry Christmas”, replicating the real Christmas Tree. It brings up memories of childhood, presents, holidays spent at home with the family. It really smells like a Christmas Tree, so much that you can skip the real tree (saving the environment) and choose a more environment friendly one, made up of lights, books or anything you can think of.


In mood of a special dinner but don’t know how to set the mood? Candles are excellent choices for candlelight dinners or special events where a dim light here and there is essential. For dining tables, unscented candles or our special „Mediterranean” candles are recommended. Either you simply want the light from the candle or bring up a mediterranean vibe to your event, candles are great things to have around.

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